Salutations and Falicitations

We want to get to know all of our founders. Tell us about yourselves, what are your favorite games, other interests, etc. Whatever you want to discuss, do it here.

Salutations and Falicitations

by Dean68 » Tue May 27, 2014 11:08 pm

Okay, hmmm, not so easy talking about yourself. I am a welder/fabricator who at age 16 wanted to be a computer programmer (they wouldn't let me) I have a passion for alternative energy research, I don't mean the free lunch brigade, I mean the practical, make a difference research.
I applied for a place on a youth training scheme in I.T. at age 16, but because my education was a little lacking (I couldn't add or subtract fractions) I was turned down and sold in to a life of servitude in a profession that chose me.
I have loved gaming from it's inception, I was playing an on-line space game before anyone knew what a network was and long before the pc (in fact the bbc-b and the sinclair zx spectrum were all the rage) I got my first pc as soon as I could afford one and discovered the game I used to play had evolved in to a game you may have heard of... anyone ever play Elite? (loved that game)
Anyhow, without boring you with the next 25 or so years of my history I am now here. So hi
Really looking forward to seeing where this game goes, I've never supported a game in it's infancy before. I saw this one on greenlight and was instantly drawn in. I was sad to see the Kickstarter didn't meet it's goal, but hey, here we are anyway.
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