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August 2015 Update – Multiplayer Has Arrived!

As you may know, the single player alpha version of the game has been available for purchase here on our website since May 2014 and our Founders have been instrumental in helping the game evolve by providing valuable feedback. For anyone who missed it and still wants to get in on it, you can obtain Founders packs by visiting the Founders Page or clicking on the banner below.

Latest News

Greetings fellow gamers and gratitude for playing Astral Terra! THE UPDATE IS FINALLY HERE! MULTIPLAYER IS LIVE!

Haha, ok so it has been a minute since we pushed out an update. After the last update before this current one, we had many things happen in the project and life that set us back. Our funding went to two new programmers who’s task was to develop the multiplayer functionality for our voxel terrain. 3 months later neither one was able to provide any working code and both left the company, leaving us with a lot less budget heh. 😮 Amy and I (we are the lead developers/owners of the project) also had a bit of family tragedy, as well as adopted a 7 month old boy during the process.

So over the last year the 2 of us and a couple other contractors helped on a part time basis to rewrite our main framework (twice), add multiplayer, update to Unity 5 (which required updating most of our art assets and code) and many other things. 😛 Currently the team is only 4 – 2 full-time people (1 developer and 1 project manager) and 2 part timers (one programmer, one writer/artist). We are set to take our new 1 yr old boy, Bjorn, to meet our family in NY in what is to be our first vacation in 2 years. Since you guys have waited SO LONG for an update, we figured better to push out a build that is almost there rather than make you wait any longer.

Patch Notes
I have added some items to the version notes included with the game. This is not a complete list but here are some of the new items:

  • Complete Framework re-write
  • Multiplayer added via Cloud hosting
  • New Item placeables
  • Mobs temporarily removed until AI improved
  • New Build tools UI
  • New Terraformer UI
  • New entire game UI
  • New Weapons
  • New Spells
  • Stamina Attribute(must eat over time or lose stamina, eventually losing health as well)

-Chris Wightman

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