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January 2015 Dev Update

As you may know, the single player alpha version of the game has been available for purchase here on our website since May and our Founders have been instrumental in helping the game evolve by providing valuable feedback. For anyone who missed it and still wants to get in on it, you can obtain Founders packs by visiting the Founders Page or clicking on the banner below.

Latest News

Greetings fellow gamers, apologies for the delay in updates. We had some very tough family things that we went through recently, and now Amy and I are expecting parents (we’re actually adopting). Anywho, thanks for having patience and understanding and supporting us! While its been slow, I and two other developers work on Astral Terra daily.

The good news is Multiplayer is now functional in a limited capacity. The bad news is we have had a couple developers over the last 6 months come on board very enthusiastically, only to find out later they couldn’t actually do the work they were hired for and then they just disappear – which is a major factor in our recent delays. It’s unfortunate but we are still new at this business and also overly optimistic so I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Anywho, Terraform tools are now networked we just have a few nasty bugs to sort out before we push the update to you guys. Our new networked method is a bit limiting in some ways as well so while its working, we are trying to make it better before letting you guys try it out. We brought on a new developer last week, Addison, who is also a Unity enthusiast and skilled programmer, in order to speed up the process of getting this update into your guys hands and also getting the Alpha to Steam. Once we get this character and mob syncing issue sorted out we’ll post some new screenshots of the MP in action, as well as some of the new content players can use/buy/craft. Farms now grow, special enemies now spawn at night instead of the day, attacking mobs works more consistently now, new spells have been added and a plethora of other things have been refined or added. Thanks again for your patience, we will have another update for you guys soon!

-Chris Wightman

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