Crashing Bug - AnimationEvent

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Crashing Bug - AnimationEvent

by lordx51 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:12 pm

Greetings gamers!

I wanted to let you know that it looks like we may have narrowed down the source of the following crash causing bug:

========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

(0x010CBFEA) (AstralTerra): (filename not available): AnimationEvent::Transfer<SafeBinaryRead> + 0x25385a

========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

This was actually introduced, from what we can tell based on feedback and forums, with the Unity 3D 4.3 engine update. Now that 4.5 is out it seems to have been fixed, though we are trying to confirm before we update. If this is the case it will push back the next patch by a few days as some things will break and need fixing when we do the update. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to let you know that we are aware of this annoying bug and may have found the solution and apologies for taking a minute to find the answer. I will confirm this worked as soon as the update is done in the next few days. For now, hold off sending in your crash report if it reads what is listed above at the end of the report. Gratitude fer yer patience!

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