Update 0.1.5a

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Update 0.1.5a

by lordx51 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:21 pm

Greetings gamers and friends! We pushed out a small update this afternoon that just fixed a couple broken things as well as slipping in one new feature (skip first logo scene). Here are the last 2 patch notes from the past 2 weeks.

Patch Notes:

- Fixed Female Dark Elf broken material (shader lost association with texture maps).
- Fixed Interface and other items getting stuck in LOD images for trees.
- Fixed bush and other details fade in amount and distance (less pop).
- Increased character spawn delay in attempt to avoid falling through terrain before terrain is ready.
- Added stone resource to the ground level of all biomes (was only on desert previously and underground).
- Added skip logo at start with Escape key or Left Mouse (yay).

- Fixed bug on buildings when player would leave world and then re-enter and NOT be able to enter their saved placed houses.
- Fixed bug on single Door for player to place. Attempting to place the Door in the environment will no longer crash the game and actual Door placement is now possible.
- Fixed odd shadow bug on cave textures where areas of walls would be mostly black and then switch out when player gets closer.
- Fixed grass rendering - grass is now high resolution and much better quality
- Various bug fixes and engine optimizations (game building on Unity 4.5 now).
- Tweaks/optimizations to Day/Night system.
- Changed Player Load-In time on Voxel Environment - Player now becomes active after 40% of environment is complete.
- Changed particle effects on quick terraform sphere tool to better indicate where the cursor is.
- Changed textures/materials on underground caves.
- Changed textures/materials on all biomes.
- Changed/Tweaked water settings (new shader coming soon).
- Changed night time ambient to be slightly lighter, moon light also slightly stronger.
- Added loading UI - whenever new environment is loading UI will enable and show loading % and loading animation.
- Added UI Text to Door - upon getting close to a door a player will be told "Press F" - this opens/closes doors.
- Added new Cattails and Wild Flowers to river banks.
- Added new weather systems - sunny & clear 80% chance, rain and lightning 20@ chance.
- Project clean-up in prep for new MP framework integration.

Gratitude fer playing, we have a really big content update coming in a couple weeks (lots of stuff for the home) as well as continued efforts on bug squashing, UI improvement, character control improvement and of course, multi-player.

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