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Play Astral Terra Alpha Single Player Today!

Astral Terra Alpha Single Player is now available, a massive voxel engine update with Caves and Waterfalls, as well as a new monster - the Bloodfiend!

Greetings gamers and gratitude for your continued interest in Astral Terra. The single player portion of the game is now live for all Founders (people who pre-ordered)! You can still obtain Founders packs by visiting the Founders Page but there are a limited amount left (a little over only 200 keys remain). We would like to stress, however, that Astral Terra is still in a very early Alpha Phase.

Our newest Monster and completely original race for the Planes, the Bloodfiend, is now ready and in game. Once we finish the development with the night system, Bloodfiends will only spawn and raid players at night. Currently they spawn underground in our new Caves system. Here is a concept, high poly sculpt and in game screenshot of the Bloodfiend:

Bloodfiend Conception to In-Game

We have also been hard at work on writing the history and lore of Astral Terra. Read all about the Bloodfiends and other lore here at the official Curse Wiki.

Feel free to also visit the official Astral Terra forums to keep updated about the game and engage with the community.

New Engine Features

Our Voxel Engine programmer from TerrainEngine, Thomas, has been hard at work on optimizing and adding new features to the voxel world. New additions include further draw distance with better performance via a new terrain LOD system, a brand new robust Caves system that allows us to now place rare ore and other things for adventurers to find underground. A new waterfall system allows for water and rivers to be carved out of the terrain, and a new flying islands functionality will allow us to build out the plane of air just the way we wanted to. Finally, a new voxel building kit allows for a much better toolset for building out your world (besides cubes we have other shapes and all parts can be rotated similar to Planet Explorers or 7 Days to Die).

No Multiplayer

After a few months in development with a local contractor on Multiplayer, and seeing it wasn’t going where it needed to, we had to make the hard decision to scrap what wasn’t working and start over. The good news is we have a new, very experienced network developer on the project now. Expect an update in the following weeks on Multiplayer and when to expect it. Gratitude to everyone who has shown interest and stuck by us, many more great things to come in the following months and years!

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