December 2014 Dev Update

As you may know, the single player alpha version of the game has been available for purchase here on our website since May and our Founders have been instrumental in helping the game evolve by providing valuable feedback. For anyone who missed it and still wants to get in on it, you can obtain Founders packs by visiting the Founders Page or clicking on the banner below.

Latest News

We have made major framework updates to Unity, statemachine, rpg framework, voxel engine, photon and the day/night cycle. We have tweaked a lot of graphical elements such as UI, biomes, terrain and more as well as added many new features and assets such as new spells, new craftable items, new effects and lots more! Summary of last few months of updates to the latest dev build detailed on our forums. Please CLICK HERE to read the full details.

Upcoming Timeline Estimate: Once multiplayer is finalized in the next few weeks(a little slow due to the holidays & having a small team - but very close), we will be releasing the current dev build to our Founders for initial “public” testing and gathering feedback. We will then make any needed tweaks & release on Steam Early access a week or two after the Founders have had a chance to get in there and play around with all the shiny new things ;p.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for sticking with us and for your support along this journey. It has been a year full of up, downs and lessons learned. We are working very hard to get this new version pushed out to our loyal base aka Founders ASAP.

Latest Screenshots

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