October 2014 Update

Multiplayer is coming along nicely (finally) and we will be making an announcement soon about going live on Steam Early Access. We ran into a number of unexpected roadblocks over the last few months but things are now starting to finally shape up. :) We also wanted to let you know about a ton of new content that will be pushed with the next game update - mainly goodies for your building endeavors but also some new crafting stations, recipes and weapons. We have changed the spell system up a bit and players now have homing spells! There have been some really neat changes to the environment, tweaks on our multiple biomes and overall bug fixes and optimizations. As always, we greatly appreciate your support and continued patience in the development of this independent project.

Upcoming Update Features:

  • New character controller in game with new animations and improved control - still tweaking and extending.
  • New UI controls for Voxel Tools and Terraform Tool.
  • Bunch of new stuff to decorate your houses with (voxel and prefabs) such as fireplace, curtains, rugs, pillars, fire plinth and other details.
  • New weapons and gear (wands yay).
  • Vastly improved AI and combat mechanics (still building out attribute system).
  • Improved Terrain Shader allowing for environments that now have sand at water level.
  • Better Shop and Crafting UI - New spell UI and system.

New Screenshots

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Chris is an avid gamer & passionate game developer. Chris brings 11+ years experience to his role of Game Devigner (a new term in this industry that covers people who are both designer and developer), and is able to create designs by using 3D Studio Max, Maya, Unity, Photoshop, XHTML, C# and Javascript. He also has 9+ years experience in animation, modeling and lighting techniques, as well as is experienced using Viewpoint Technology and Unity for real time cutting edge 3D interaction over the web. Chris is the owner & creative director for Tethys Interactive, a Indianapolis Indiana based game development studio. Follow Tethys Interactive on Twitter or read the blog.

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