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Dev Update 4/5/2013

This is the first of many development update posts. The following items are currently working in game so far:


Dynamic Smooth Editable Terrain.
Digging and Building with the voxel system and multiple material types.
Multiple biomes (trees, materials, vegetation, terrain deco).
World Saving (generate your world with or without a seed, save it, load it).
Character control with Male and Female Fey Avatar.


Dynamic fluid system for terrain (almost there).
Volume grass (done just needs to be added to the next build).
LOD system for huge terrains.
RPG Framework (base work has been started - stats, crafting, combat, quests and inventory system all being worked on right now).
Multiplayer framework (we can set up a server and all join now as it is - player functions such as digging and building over the network are being worked on).
Dark Elf Avatars.
Fey Wild biome.
Shadow Vale biome.


Account login.
Human Avatars.
First set of monster designs/mobs for the Fey Wild.
Prefab structure building system system.
The Astral Vale level (small plane with portals to all other planes).
Persistent survival stats system.

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