Patches Galore

We have been pushing out regular patches - with 5 patches in the last month and more to come!!

Summary of updates in September:

  • Edited many placeable items so they do not fall through environment during world re-enter.
  • Changed items at Vendor. Vendor now mostly has placeable items as well as Hatchet and Shovel.
  • Fixed panel overlapping title in Select Character screen.
  • Added 5 new placeable items: Green Banner, Blue Banner, Bed, Bookshelf and Stairs (prices are temporary).
  • Fixed crafting scroll bar.
  • Added new items to crafting station.
  • Scaled basic door up so that it will block a 2 unit tall by 1 unit wide opening.
  • Changed Build Tools to now have click-to-rotate type of camera control.
  • Fixed disable character control on free mode when online.
  • Changed Pickaxe recipe to require Iron Ore instead of Iron Bars.
  • Added Pickaxe to vendor, removed farm.
  • Changed Build mode to now be set to Free Mode. This disables Character Camera and Character controller and enables a Free Camera mode which enables the player to build and not be attached to their character.
  • Added Camera Rotation Freeze with L key in when Free Mode on Terraformer and Build Tools.
  • Fixed Terraformer Free Mode to now disable character controller.
  • Changed Lock/Unlock cursor to Escape(used to be Tilde and Escape depending on mode you were in).
0.1.7 Patch Notes
  • Fixed a critical issue with multiplayer worlds not syncing correctly. New connections now pause and get current world data before building world.
  • Changed Depth of Field, Bloom and Lens dirt effects for better visual look and performance boost.
  • Fixed tattoo on dwarfs arm so it does not look like a black block in certain light conditions.
  • Changed quality settings on each tier.
  • Edited swimming animations as well as splash effects.
  • Added underwater lens effect.
  • Changed water settings, added minor reflections.
  • Added mist to waterfall effect.
  • Changed grass sizes and edited each biome grass/flower loadouts for better terrain coverage and visual effect.
  • Added 2 trees to Enchanted Forest biome.
  • Dust added to Barrens biome.
  • Fixed some items in Create Player scene.
  • Added more plants to waters edge on all biomes, added new glowing coral item in water.
  • Removed light source from player avatar(players must buy/craft a light source now).
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Fixed crafting guitar play animation.
  • Fixed Item Placement Removal function to properly remove items from data.
  • Fixed shop save on sale function so that now every time inventory changes system saves it.
  • Jungle and Forest Biome tweaks and changes.
  • Climbing Islands (as opposed to floating islands) have been added to Jungle Biome.
  • Fish removed from all waters as AI method was causing lag on terrain.
  • Added motion blur.
  • Re-enabled Weather system (more refinements coming with future updates).
  • Optimized some items to increase FPS and improve performance.
  • Reduced Texture sizes in an effort to reduce texture memory being used.
  • Increased some rare ore spawn rates.
  • Increased cave openings.
  • Added squirrels.
  • Increased terrain draw distance.
0.1.6b Patch Notes:
  • - Carrot and Wheat farms fixed and can be placed again.
  • - When crafting, process now looks in all bags for materials.
  • - Increased stack amounts on most items.
  • - Adjusted cave opening frequency (still testing and looking for feedback).
  • - When harvesting, process will now check other bags for free slots if first bag is full.
  • - Crafting and Harvesting now properly awards XP.
  • - Farms now grow after 2 minutes, and cannot be harvested until they have grown. Farms also now refill after 5 minutes once emptied. Resource amount has been changed to 6 from 4 on all farms. Further refinement on the effect and feedback to come later.
  • - Ores now properly dislodge from terrain and de-spawn when harvested or when the terrain below them is modified.
  • - Reduced bloom amount.
  • - Start game in windowed mode.
  • - Added support for 16:10 aspect ratio displays.
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