Dwarves, Lore, Pre-Order and More!

Greetings Friends! We have been hard at work with so many different pieces of the game as well as continually interacting with all of you wonderful supporters. Development continues on multiplayer integration, crafting and harvesting systems, combat and player mechanics, bug fixes and polish as well as building out new zones, quests, powers, monsters and loads of other fun stuff! Here are a few new developments we are announcing for the first time!

Male Dwarf In Game

We have finished the assets for the Dwarf Male and have added him to the game. Check out some of the screenshots and other cool images for him below.

Final Dwarf Female Sketch

We shared concepts for the female dwarf in our last Steam update and wanted to share the final with you below. Caleb Fruin, our awesome 3d modeler, has already started on her high poly sculpt.

Lore Galore

Our loremasters Chris Wightman and Adam Roth have been scribing the lore and the history of the world. Click here for an excerpt from the Protemic Tablets.

Alloy Shaders Implemented

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with RUST LTD, makers of Alloy, the most powerful, amazing, and AAA graphics quality shader package for Unity. You can check out the Alloy website here (http://www.alloy.rustltd.com/) where you can test out their material demo. Really amazing work these guys have done and continue to do! We can’t wait to show the Alloy system off more as development progresses!

Network Architecture

After a lot of research, discussion and testing by our wonderful network specialist Matt Magginnis, we have decided on our multiplayer/network architecture and we will be using uLink! Matt has been busy implementing networking components within our procedural terrain with the end goal being the multiplayer component being ready for Early Access. We as gamers know how important it is to be able to play with friends and we are excited to share it with you all as soon as Early Access hits!

Founders Program - Early Access Keys & Other Perks

Based on your awesome feedback and requests, we have been finalizing our “Founders Program” that will launch via our website(astralterra.com) late next week. The “Founders Program” will offer early access steam keys(3rd party DRM Free), special founders forum access for interacting with us directly, as well as other special perks only offered before the game officially releases on Steam Early Access. Please make sure you have signed up for our newsletter via astralterra.com to stay informed on the latest!

Official Astral Terra Forums Now Open

We have upgraded our forums and opened them back up to everyone that wants to get involved! You can visit community.astralterra.com or navigate to the “Forum” Menu above to register! We hope to see you there!

Curse Wiki Coming Soon

The wonderful folks over at Curse(www.curse.com) have approached us about hosting our official game wiki through their awesome platform and we have accepted! Another announcement will follow as we get that all setup through them. Much gratitude to Curse for reaching out to us and for their interest in helping the little guys! We are excited for the opportunity and will keep you posted!


Chris is an avid gamer & passionate game developer. Chris brings 11+ years experience to his role of Game Devigner (a new term in this industry that covers people who are both designer and developer), and is able to create designs by using 3D Studio Max, Maya, Unity, Photoshop, XHTML, C# and Javascript. He also has 9+ years experience in animation, modeling and lighting techniques, as well as is experienced using Viewpoint Technology and Unity for real time cutting edge 3D interaction over the web. Chris is the owner & creative director for Tethys Interactive, a Indianapolis Indiana based game development studio. Follow Tethys Interactive on Twitter or read the blog.

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