Dev Update 6-7-2013

We have a new video update coming next week showing off our new fluid system, Fey Vale biome and EPIC SIZE TERRAIN! These new enhancements really bring the world to life and give the player fantastic views with mountains to be seen far in the distance (that you CAN get to - not just a skybox). Check out our new screenshots to see the Epic size terrain and Fey Vale biome enhancements!

The following is what we knocked out on the list recently, as well as upcoming items:

  • Epic sized voxel terrain. With far draw distance and new optimizations (LOD), the environment now looks huge and new terrain draw-in is done out of sight of the player.
  • New terrain types. With the new epic size terrain comes new variants of terrains. We are now working on the Shadow Vale which looks VERY different from the Fey Vale (see concept paintings).
  • Flowing Fluids! We now have editable, flowing fluid systems in place. Water, Lava, Acid and anything in between!
  • DARK ELVES! Our first Dark Elf is done and in the game - more are being cranked out by our underground workshop of CG gnomes. Players will be able to choose from Dark Elf, Fey, Human and Minotaur (can I get a hell yeah) as their base race for the launch of the game (male and female options as well). More races such as Elementals and Dwarves are planed after initial launch.
  • Fey Vale Biome foundation almost complete. We have a couple more trees and harvest-able plants and environment effects to wrap up with the foundation of this biome.
  • Shadow Vale Biome started. Screenshots coming soon!
  • RPG Framework is now in the works. We are building up the base character builds with powers, tools, weapons and all the fun stuff that players come to expect from a fantasy game. We now have Health, Mana, Stamina stats implemented and base stats such as Strength, Intelligence, etc., as well as a working inventory and combat system. This is in a VERY early stage at this point, but may be shown on the next video.
  • New concept art and lore. A new painting for the game is almost ready and we have been working away at the lore for the game as well.
  • Character Customization
  • Online co-op implementation
  • Tier 1 Mob Development
  • Account Creation / Log-In

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Chris is an avid gamer & passionate game developer. Chris brings 11+ years experience to his role of Game Devigner (a new term in this industry that covers people who are both designer and developer), and is able to create designs by using 3D Studio Max, Maya, Unity, Photoshop, XHTML, C# and Javascript. He also has 9+ years experience in animation, modeling and lighting techniques, as well as is experienced using Viewpoint Technology and Unity for real time cutting edge 3D interaction over the web. Chris is the owner & creative director for Tethys Interactive, a Indianapolis Indiana based game development studio. Follow Tethys Interactive on Twitter or read the blog.

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