Huge, epic update is LIVE

Greetings folks and gratitude for your continued interest in Astral Terra. This latest update is an epic one, with lots of improvements, fixes and changes, many that were requested. With this big update it was necessary to change how characters and items were loaded in and saved, therefore old characters are now wiped. In order to remove Third Party Accounts, this was a must. Take a look below!

Patch Notes:
- Complete backend re-write of many frameworks with huge optimizations and performance improvements.
- Full Steam API integration for automatic account creation, no more third party account needed to play.
- Single Player offline mode added. Players still need to be logged into Steam to play (offline mode is fine). Single Player characters and items are saved locally to the player’s machine; online characters are saved to the database via the internet and SQL.
- Action bar now correctly references equipment. Equipment will no longer be removed from the action bar when players press the button.
- Tool tips added to items, tools, weapons and harvest nodes and resources.
- New crafting interface with option for multiple stacks, as well as more information in the UI about what is needed to craft items.
- Stack splitting of items.
- Jumping while walking backwards now correctly makes the player jump backwards.
- Mounts.
- Friends list and Trade option.
- Fixed Phoenix Strike and Xymbryls Missles issues with hitting selected target.
- Added Chests.
- Added Loot spawning window.
- Added new water triggers to players feet so players will splash in low standing water. Swimming will not activate until players are much deeper now.
- Crouch is now on a Toggle with the C key.
- Changed how resource stacks are given. Now resource stacks spawn into the environment from resource nodes.
- Fixed issue with resource node incorrectly being removed for both local and networked players.

- Bloodfiends and Grottonoids disabled until the next update.
- Harvesting and Crafting does not currently give XP. This will be re-enabled in the next update.
- Sometimes resource stacks spawn and don’t catch terrain and fall through. This issue will be resolved in the next update.

Keep in mind that with such a big update there will be NEW bugs. 😛 In the following weeks we will push out a couple updates that address remaining missing items or issues, then we will move on to our next sprint. One of the new things we are working on right now is a basic level character customization editor. We also have a couple new artists who have come on board and will be helping with new content generation. The first two items on the list are new sentries to protect houses from aggressive mobs, and the requested Grapple Gun(probably more of a crossbow then gun heh). We will also continue to refine and build on the current system. Combat is accurately taking into account Strength for melee combat, and intelligence for spell based combat. There is a skill system as well on the back end that has been in the works and will go live as we fit it into the current gameplay and requested features.

As always, you can keep up with the latest game news via our Community Hub.

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