Update 0.2.6 – Bloodfiends and Grottonoids!

Greetings folks and happy holidays!

We just pushed out an update that introduces the first 2 aggressive MOBS: The Bloodfiend and the Grottonoid! These MOBS currently spawn in Caves and make their way to the surface and feature basic wander and chase AI for the moment. Expect better AI over time as well as a move to spawning certain MOBS only at night. We also added new Delete Tool functionality for the Build Tools mode, making deleting any shape effortless now. Enjoy, and as always, gratitude for everyone’s continued interest and support!

Patch Notes:
– Added new functionality for Delete Shapes on Build Tools. While a shape is set, hold CTRL and right mouse click to accurately delete any shape in any position.
– Added new Bloodfiend and Grottonoid aggressive MOBS with Loot drops and XP.
– Adjusted swim exit animation timing.
– Fixed crafting panel scrollbar.
– Fixed bug with Strafe and jumping.
– Added new build tools delete tip, adjusted Terraforming tool tips.
– Adjusted Stalactite materials to match cave stone materials.
– Fixed a bug with House placement icon on the minimap.

astralterra_bloodfiend_3dsculpt astralterra_bloodfiend_concept